Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 2

Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 2

By Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights

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Most days things start out so normally. Then sometimes everything goes off the rails. Luckily none of the things in these stories would ever, ever happen to you. Right?

In this second collection, Brian Schell joins forces with Kevin L. Knights to bring you thirteen fresh tales of evil, horror, and fear. Untouched by human hands, and never before seen by human eyes, every one is short but guaranteed to be unpleasantly fun. Or funnily unpleasant.

Whether you are deep in outer space, at a small-town festival, having a pretend tea party in the back yard, or just living in an ordinary home, there can always be something unsettling. Something disturbing.

Something to make you shiver.

Thirteen all-new short tales:

Blood Tears by Brian Schell
Ghost Cat by Brian Schell
Hunger by Kevin L. Knights
Invaders from the Future by Brian Schell
Moving On by Kevin L. Knights
Mushroom Madness by Brian Schell
Portals by Kevin L. Knights
Testing the Limits
The Factory by Brian Schell
The Fairy Kidnapping by Brian Schell
The Ship by Brian Schell
The War by Kevin L. Knights
We All Scream by Kevin L. Knights

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