Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf

Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf

Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf 200x300Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf

by Brian Schell and Kevin L. Knights

Tony laughed, “There’s a demon and a disembodied cult leader upstairs, and the ghost of my dead brother wanders the halls. I’m not that worried about werewolves at this point.”

“You should be. There are six of them staying the night, and tonight’s a full moon.”

Tony looked thoughtful. “I wonder if I can get myself a room at the Holiday Inn?” He laughed, then saw that they weren’t kidding. The smile melted from his face. “OK then, How’s that going to work?”

“About like you’d imagine, I suppose,” said Jess, teasing him now. “I imagine they’ll be hungry. How many other guests are there?”

And so it goes in the seventh episode of “Jess and the Monsters.” Jess returns to a familiar place after her ordeal in the FBI’s special Asylum. Her life hasn’t gotten any easier as she now has to revisit old enemies and make a few new ones.

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