Going iPad: Ditching the Desktop by Brian Schell

Going iPad: Ditching the Desktop by Brian Schell

by Brian Schell

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Are you considering Going iPad?

Making your iPad your main computer – your only computer.

Apple’s advertising says you can do it. You’ve heard a few people claiming they did it. You’ve probably heard of people who tried… and failed. If you could pull it off, you’d gain the ultimate in mobility, consistency, safety, and have fun doing it!

Can you?

Does the Apple iPad have what it takes to replace your PC or Mac? What apps, services, and hardware would you need to purchase? What would you have to adjust in your workflows to make it all work? Is this actually cheaper or more expensive in the long run?

In this what-you-need-to-know guide, we’ll look at the hardware options and accessories, a selection of the best apps from each category, with dozens of screenshots, and tips on running iOS 11’s multitasking features, which ties it all together. Switching to iPad from a “regular” computer may or may not be for you, but after reading this book, you’ll be much better informed on the options and tools.


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