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Brian Schell lives in Flint, Michigan and is an author, currently writing the “For Beginners” guides and “Tales to Make You Shivers” series of books.  He does editing and audiobook narration as well. He’s spent time in Japan, taught English abroad and in the USA, and is an avid Amateur Radio operator (KD8OTD).

With an educational background in Religion Studies and English Composition, as well as a long history of Entrepreneurship and business management, he brings an unusual perspective to most topics.

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Books By Brian Schell:

Amateur Radio

Echolink for Beginners
D-Star for Beginners
DMR for Beginners Using the Tytera MD-380
OpenSpot for Beginners: D-Star, Fusion, and DMR Accessed Easily
SDR for Beginners Using the SDRplay and SDRuno
Programming Amateur Radios with CHIRP


Going iPad: Ditching the Desktop
Going Chromebook: Living in the Cloud
Going Text: Mastering the Command Line
DOS Today: Running Vintage MS-DOS Games and Apps on a Modern Computer


Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 1
Tales to Make You Shiver Volume 1
Jess and the Monsters, Season One (episodes 1-6)
Jess and the Blood of the Werewolf (episode 7)
Random Acts of Cloning, The Complete Series


The Five-Minute Buddhist
The Five-Minute Buddhist Meditates
The Five-Minute Buddhist Returns
The Five-Minute Buddhist’s Buddhism Quick Start Guide
Teaching and Learning in Japan: An English Teacher Abroad

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Brian is also well known for hosting the Daily Buddhism website and podcast